Warminster Town F.C. Live Online

It's good to be at as many matches that we can to support Warminster Town. However, not everyone is local to Warminster or can attend all the games or travel to away matches. With this in mind, I would like to try to broadcast our games live online. How will you be able to watch? I have decided to use YouTube Live. There are many alternatives but YouTube not only allows the broadcast to be live but stores it to be viewed at any time afterwards. All you will need is an Internet connection and either view in any web or mobile browser or a YouTube App on your mobile device.

I would encourage everyone to subscribe to the channel for updates and also click the notification button (a bell symbol) so that you will be alerted when a broadcast is going live or a new video is added.

This is the link to the channel.

Live Stream Link

I hope that you enjoy the broadcasts and I look forward to hearing your feedback on YouTube.