Match Report: Warminster Town FC v Calne Town FC 24/04/18

With 3 matches to play this week, Warminster got the first of those underway on what turned out to be a very wet Tuesday evening. Mid-table Calne is a team that Warminster would hope to play to turn around their fortune and produce a win.

How did it turn out?

The first shot on goal came from Calne's striker Charlie Austin (yes that's his name!) in the fourth minute of the game. The shot was fired a couple of feet over the bar. Calne's keeper, Steve Allison had to scramble during the 19th minute to prevent a rather strange backpass from going into the net. Fortunately for Calne, the ball was rolling slowly enough to allow him to get to it.

On 26 minutes the ball was in the back of Warminster's net but the offside flag was already raised and the referees whistle blown so it remained 0 - 0.

There were a number of shots towards the goal the second in fact for Calne on 38 minutes from Harry Myles (one of 3 Harry's on the team sheet) which went over Lisowski's crossbar. A minute later a shot from Stuart Windsor saw the ball go wide of Warminster's goal post.

The first half was of poor quality and lots of wayward passes and hopeful balls that would never come to anything.

Half-time the teams go into the dressing level at 0 - 0.

What did the second-half produce?

Calne came out of the dressing room first and no doubt Warminster were getting a little 'extra encouragement' from the manager, Andy Crabtree!

Calne produced the first shot on goal in this half on 49 minutes requiring Lisowski to save it. However 3 minutes later, Stuart Windsor struck home for Calne. Warminster followed up with a couple of shots on goal with captain Charlie Walton just seconds after the restart firing wide of the Calne post.

On 60 minutes, Windsor for Calne after a shout for what looked like handball beat his man and slotted the ball into the right-hand side of Warminster's goal to make it a brace for him. 0 - 2 to Calne. What followed next was not good.

A number of Warminster's players, unhappy with referee Kevin Lewis' decision not to give handball and rule out the Calne goal were very verbal towards him. Lewis Graham received a yellow card for dissent and then got another yellow card allegedly for something he said, Lewis says it was said by another player and he got the blame. As a result, he was sent off and upon leaving the pitch used foul and abusive language to the referee, There is no excuse for such conduct even in the heat of the moment. I am a fan of the way Lewis Graham plays in defence, but this was totally unacceptable which Lewis accepts.

This action certainly soured the evening but Warminster did keep plugging away and with ten men they did their best to salvage something from this game. Charlie Walton as ever put in a good shift and on 77 minutes struck a shot which went over the crossbar. A minute later Warminster's George Holland headed from Eben Mortimer-Taylor which was saved. A couple of minutes later Jake Herd shot towards goal and was unfortunate that it struck Calne's right-hand post which no one was able to follow up on the rebound. Both sides continued to press in the final minutes of the game with a shot each end during added time, firstly from Calne substitute, Redford and then Butler for Warminster in the final seconds.

The score remained Warminster Town 0 Calne Town 2.

Attendance 44


Warminster Town: Lisowski, Mortimer-Taylor, Young, Graham (red card), Coleman, Herd, Dyer, Walton, Blakeman, Holland, Butler
subs: Schol-Binks, Drew, Caws, Bowden, Pilgrim

Calne Town: Allison, Bearne, Witchell, Lewis, Lovesey, Thomson, Boakes, Myles, Windsor, Austin, Wyatt,
subs: Crump, Spanton, East, Redford