Let's Reach 200

It's always good to have something to aim for, a realistic target to reach. The supporters are the lifeblood of a football club and in non-league football where there is no TV money and massive sponsorship deals the cash at the gate and that spent in the clubhouse is vital. Without it, clubs could not survive.

It's been my desire to see more people attend non-league football and of course, particularly at Warminster Town F.C. Our attendance figures are well up on last year, and there is I am sure still more room for improvement. The next home match for Warminster Town is on Saturday, March 23rd, kick off 3.00 pm when Radstock Town F.C. are the visitors. This match can be described as a 'local derby' and with some away, supporters along with the good people of Warminster and beyond we can reach more than 200 supporters. The home attendance this year has been usually in the region of 110.

You might be interested to know that since we have been using social media and live broadcasting the games, we are gaining fans across the UK and the world. One of our supporters has travelled all the way from Kent, stayed in a hotel along with his wife to attend a match and has already booked his next one on Easter Monday for our home game against Devizes and is trying for another before the end of the season. We have also had interest from people in Italy, USA, Mexico and other far-flung places!

So, please, if you can come along on March 23rd or of course any other game too please do. For details, please visit Warminster Town's official website to see upcoming matches. It is also appreciated when you invite people and share our social media messages that help spread the word about Warminster Town F.C.