Football - How should it be played?

There are many opinions about the style in which football should be played. For me, it's the beautiful game of passing the ball to feet. I always remember those words of the late Brian Clough, "If God wanted football to be played in the air, he would have put grass on the clouds!"

Football, when played with flair, good passing and movement is truly a good sport to watch. It's good too when it is played in a spirit of fairness and respect. Once again, referring back to Brian Clough he spoke about and practised team discipline and respect for the referee. In the modern game, there is so much disrespect for the officials. Whether a referee gets a decision right or wrong he is often harassed by the players and the watching crowd. How different this is from the general respect that referees have in the game of Rugby Union.

When Clough was in charge of a team any player who caused trouble with the referee would be in deeper trouble back in the manager's office. Maybe it's time for clubs to adopt this style today.

Back to the play. Good passing and quick movement with a simple but flowing style really does make for entertaining football. Of course, there are times when the ball has to be booted into row Z to prevent an attack. At others times a high ball played into the box can be effective, or a long ball over the defence. However, the constant use of such tactics can be very boring to watch.

With the passing game, players build an understanding of each other's play and learn where to position themselves during the game. Under Brain Clough, Nottingham Forest became European Champions, punching well above their weight during those days.

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