Warminster Town FC was founded in 1878 but it seems to have been firmly established in 1885. In those early days they played in the Wiltshire County League until the 1929-30 season and the following season they joined the Western League.

After the Second World War, Warminster Town FC went back into the Wiltshire County League. They remained there for quite some time, in fact, it was the 1983-84 season that they were once again playing in the Western League. Following the 2005-06 season relegation saw them back in the Wiltshire County League. This was not for long as the club applied to join the Wessex League for the 2008-09 season before joining the Western League for for the 2012-13 season where they still play today.

The club ground is in Weymouth Street, Warminster and they originally played at Holly Lodge, Boreham Road, Warminster.

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